Physical Security by Access Technologies

Access Technologies is at the forefront of the revolution in Physical Security technologies- protecting businesses of all sizes with the latest in Access Control and Digital Video Surveillance security plus security system monitoring and alarms.

Access Control Systems

Monitor your facility's entrance points in real time and 24/7 with our advanced Access Control physical security technologies. Access Technologies provides the best in IP-based key-less entry solutions equipped with full software features to ensure reliable managing and real-time monitoring of your facility. Secure your business with our Access Control physical security alarm systems.

Access Control Features:

  • IP-based: uses your business' existing LAN/WAN and Internet infrastructurekeyless access control security systems
  • Provide key-less high security through fobs, photo badges, iris scans, fingerprints
  • Scalable: supports unlimited doors and users; yet cost-effective and full-featured for single-door applications
  • Robust: operates through power and network outages and eliminates single points of failure
  • Easy to install: eliminates long wire runs and local software installation; plug-and-play network configuration
  • Hosted and highly secure
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Convenient web-based interface allows for easy remote management
  • Real-time operations

Digital Video Surveillance

Access Technologies has stayed at the forefront of the transition to Digital Video Surveillance with improved digital surveillance security cameras, switchers, recorders, and display devices that have been transformed to provide more accurate, reliable, and effective video surveillance and assessment. Protect your organization with high-definition video surveillance physical security equipment and constant monitoring services provided by Access Technologies.

Digital Video Surveillance Security Features:security cameras and security monitoring software

  • IP video surveillance security cameras deliver high-quality standard and HD video, as well as outstanding bandwidth and storage efficiency
  • 24/7 video surveillance recording
  • Allows for more effective management and monitoring of remote sites
  • Ability to monitor your facility from anywhere
  • Automatic video archiving
  • Video clips delivered via reports and instant email notifications
  • Easy plug-and-play installation on any IP network
  • Analytic software with intelligent video and data analytics that alert you to suspicious activity
  • Access Technologies' managed services portfolio enables customers to outsource the health, monitoring, and maintenance of their surveillance network.

March Networks Command: IP Video Management Platform

Benefits of March Networks Command include:

  • Scalability and Ease of Use
  • Open Standards
  • IP Friendly
  • Highly Customizable
  • Health Systems Management and Alerting
  • Mass Management

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Why manage your Physical Security and other technologies separately? Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT+ network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services through NED- our exclusive remote management system. You can count on NED to manage any technology on your IT network 24/7.

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